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Pass your OSPRE Part 1, IPLDP and NIE exams with Advance Training.

Since 1996 tens of thousands of Police Officers have successfully used our software to pass their OSPRE Part 1, IPLDP and NIE exams. Isn't it time you joined their ranks?





OSPRE is the Object Specific Performance Related Examination used as part of the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) by the Police Service of England and Wales to assess police officers to the rank of Sergeant and Inspector. The OSPRE Part 1 exam is a multiple-choice legal knowledge check. The Sergeants’ OSPRE Part 1 exam usually takes place in March. The Inspectors’ OSPRE Part 1 exam usually takes place in October.


IPLDP is the Initial Police Learning and Development Program through which all student officers in England and Wales are trained prior to going out on independent patrol. IPLDP is delivered by each force according to requirements defined by the National Police Improvement Authority (NPIA).



NIE is the National Investigators' Exam for police officers in England and Wales who are interested in moving into CID. The multiple-choice exam is run nationally 4 times a year and candidates must pass the NIE before they can go forward to initial CID training. It represents phase 1 of the Initial Crime Investigators' Development Programme (ICIDP)