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CoP is an App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which provides immediate access to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) Codes of Practice, their Annexes and Notes for Guidance.

Two types of CoP

There are two types of CoP. No, not good CoP and bad CoP. Paid-for CoP and free CoP.
  • Paid-for App - CoP - which contains all the PACE Codes of Practice - all the way from Code A (Stop and Search) through to Code H (Terrorist Detention). Click here to be taken to the iTunes Store where you can purchase the App for £5:99.
  • Free App - Cop Lite - which only contains Code A of the PACE Codes of Practice. Click here to be taken to the iTunes Store where you can download Cop Lite for free.

Finding a Code

There are two ways you can find a particular Code:
  • Use the list of Contents to navigate your way to the correct Code, Section and Paragraph.
  • Use the Index to search for all occurrences of a particular word or phrase.

Cross Referencing

Paragraphs within the Codes of Practice often make reference to other parts of the Codes. When one of these paragraphs is being displayed then all the cross references are listed and clicking on any of those references will take you to that paragraph - clicking the Back button will return you to the original paragraph.


As well as being able to increase and decrease the font size when reading the Code you can go into the Settings page and modify how each paragraph is displayed - which font is used as well as the colour of the text and the colour of the background. (Don’t worry, if you make changes that are too outrageous it only takes the click of one button to return to the default font and colours.)

Improving CoP

We have spent a long time creating CoP. We have checked it, re-checked it and re-re-checked it until we ran out of midnight oil. However we are human enough to know that there still might be some bits we have missed - incorrect paragraph breaks, cross references wrong or missing. Should you find a paragraph that you think could be improved then we have a simple mechanism to help you let us know - a button at the bottom of the page which you use to send us an email so we can make the changes and then everyone benefits when we update the App through iTunes..