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When you are at the Home page and click on the Index button the display changes to show all the letters of the alphabet.


Clicking on letter A will display all the index items starting with that letter

Index A

Clicking on Alcohol will list all the paragraphs in all the Codes which contain the word Alcohol. The paragraphs are listed in such a way that you can find the answer you need. For example if you were needing to know where any issues regarding alcohol relate to identification parades then click on Code D 2.17


And the paragraph will be displayed.

Code D 2.17 re Alcohol

To return to the Alcohol list then click the Back button at the top of the screen.

Header Controls

At the right hand side of the header are a left arrow and a right arrow. Clicking the left arrow will take you to the previous paragraph - in this case it will take you to Code D 2.16. Clicking the right arrow will take you to the next paragraph - in this case Code D 2.18.

At the left hand side of the header is the Back button. Clicking this will take you back to the sending page irrespective of whether you have used the left or right arrows to move to the previous or next paragraphs. So clicking the Back button in this case would take you back to Alcohol

Footer Controls

At the left hand side is the Home button which will take you back to the Home screen where you can change over to searching using words in the contents.

In the middle are the buttons you use to decrease and increase the font size. Once you have made a change then it will remain at that setting for all other paragraphs you view at this and all subsequent times.

At the right hand side is the button you use to send us an email if you think there is a problem with the paragraph you are viewing. When the email is created on your iPhone/iPod/iPad it will have the title of the paragraph already loaded into the subject of the email so we can easily find it on our system and see if we agree that it needs rectifying. Occasionally we will be issuing updates to CoP and any changes that have been made will be reflected in those updates.