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Our Free Offerings


Not sure if the Computerised Study Kit is right for you? Download our free trial software and give it a good test. Do you have an iPhone or an iPod touch? Have a look at our Question of the Day and Codes of Practice Apps - both free, and both will work on your iPad along with the CSK for OSPRE, NIE and IPLDP which is our iPad-only App. Or maybe you don't want any of these but would like to be kept in the loop - join our email list. Finally, the compliments we have received over the years are free for you to read as well - have a look at what people have said about Advance Training.

Your choice

  • Download the trial version of the Computerised Study Kit software and be trying it out in less than 5 minutes. (If you are at work and want to try the software out at home then either join our email list using your home email address and when you get home you should have received an email with a link to the download page. Alternatively use the Share button on the top right hand side of this page to send a link to your email account, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Join our email list
  • QOTD is our iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App giving you a Question of the Day
  • CoP Lite is our iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App which contains all the sections, annexes and notes for guidance of Code A of the PACE Codes of Practice
  • CSK for OSPRE, NIE and IPLDP is our iPad App which lets you answer questions away from your computer
  • Read what other people have said about how we have helped them pass their exams.