CSK for iPhone and iPad

CSK for OSPRE, NIE and IPLDP is an iPhone or iPad App (we also do an app for Android) which allows you to answer questions from your Computerised Study Kit while you are away from your computer. You only need an internet connection on your device when you load it up with questions - the questions are stored on your device so you can answer them anywhere. When you finish the questions the scores are uploaded to the Cloud and then synchronised with your home computer the next time it updates from the internet.

If you are a registered user of our software then you can download the App on your iPhone or iPad now, link it to your computer and away you go.  If you are not a registered user then you can still download the App onto your device and have 150 exam questions for the next OSPRE exam.

The App costs £6:99.

How do I link my iPhone or iPad to my computer?

When your Computerised Study Kit has been successfully registered on your computer you will see a new drop-down menu iPhone/iPad Connectivity.  Drop this down and select the first option How to register your iPad and follow the instructions.  If your software is registered but the iPhone/iPad Connectivity menu is not visible then you have an old version of the Computerised Study Kit and you need to click here to find out how to upgrade to the latest version.

How do I transfer my scores from my iPhone or iPad to my computer?

The software on your computer automatically connects to our servers and updates your questions database every week. As part of this process it will also download the scores from your device. If you need to do this more frequently then drop down the iPhone/iPad Connectivity menu and select Fetch the scores from my iPhone/iPad. Fetching the scores will also fetch any questions on which you clicked the Don't Agree button. You will then be allowed to review these questions on the computer before contacting Advance Training if you need to do so.