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Why So Cheap

A lot of people have been asking us "why is your software is so much cheaper than your competitors?". So rather than keep repeating ourselves we thought we would put this page on our website

There are a number of reasons that we have managed to reduce our prices while still offering you a top quality product - don't forget that over 95% of our OSPRE users have been so happy with our software and the support we give that they would recommend us to a colleague.

  1. We have invested many thousands of pounds in rewriting our software using a technology called Adobe AIR - the same software that the BBC uses to produce the iPlayer. This means that our software is extremely robust, downloads from the internet and installs onto your computer without a hitch. This reduces our costs because we don't need to employ help desk staff to sort out your problems.
  2. Almost everyone is on the internet so we only provide downloads of our software. This reduces our costs further as we do not have to employ office staff to ship our software to you on CD - and of course our postage costs are zero.
  3. Most importantly, we don't supply books. We tell you which books you need and then take you to Amazon to purchase them. Amazon sell books for less than it costs us to buy and ship them. Our competitors will supply you books, even allegedly at a reduced price, but the loss they make on the books they need to make up by increasing their software costs. So even if you save money by purchasing your books through Amazon but purchase their more expensive software, you are subsidising the books they are selling to other officers.

When you add up all these savings you can see why we can afford to sell our software for so little while still maintaining the quality that has become our watchword since we started in 1996.

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