What People Say

Here at Advance Training we are proud of the many positive comments that we have received since we started producing the Computerised Study Kit in 1996. Here are just some of them.

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I found the questions really helpful. Especially the in depth explanations. Thank you.

G P Avon & Somerset

Your software was a huge factor in me passing the exam. Reading the books is one thing, but having access to over 3500 questions was definitely the game changer.

DJ Metropolitan

Challenging questions that if anything are a bit harder than those in the exam which was very good as it made the exam process that bit less daunting when I got in there. I have already recommended the product to colleagues sitting the exam next year

DH North Wales

Passed first time without even picking up a book!

DS Kent

A great product for those who want to pass their OSPRE exam. A very easy piece of software to use and take the hardship out of reading through Blackstone’s.

LP North Yorkshire

All in all, I found this software an excellent resource in my training. After a few weeks I only used the software and stopped making reference in the Blackstone’s Manuals, although I had studied with just the manuals last year.

J S Kent

Really good package overall and very good explanations to the answers.

KC Thames Valley

Now that I have done the exam your questions were very similar to the exam style which was great.

A H Metropolitan

Brilliant product, especially the app! Accurately reflected the result I received

JF Thames Valley

Very helpful study aid. The questions were very useful to both test and develop knowledge. An aid which led me to a pass grade of 'exceptional'.

G A Metropolitan

Really helpful, I couldn't have passed without it.

SY Metropolitan

A superb product which I used for approximately 6 months prior to the legal exam in which I achieved a Pass with 81%.


Excellent idea for study and I feel it was definitely this package which got me through and helped me pass

J D North Yorkshire

The questions were the main thing that got me through the exam. They are far superior to Blackstone’s in terms of quality, value for money, support etc.  I can’t rate them highly enough. I came top in my force and my mark was graded exceptional and it is down to your questions and answers.

J C West Yorkshire

Excellent app, I was able to revise on the go and found it easier than reading books constantly. The explanations were excellent. Thoroughly recommend I got 73%


Passing the exam wasn't just a test of my knowledge around the law or procedures. It was as much about knowing how they test, the nuances of the questions and the where they tend to focus the questions. I wouldn't have got that from the books alone. I would not have passed without your study programme.

G S Devon & Cornwall

My study method was to 'hammer' the questions. Even if I was sat in front of the TV I would just do maybe 20 questions. Generally I would sit and do 50 questions at a time. For me it worked really well. I managed 61%. Easy to use and if there were issues with questions then I got a speedy reply.

P B Sussex

I found your online exams to be the most beneficial way to study for the OSPRE exam. In general the explanations were clear and I would definitely recommend to colleagues.

JL Northumbria

It is a great product and was instrumental in helping me pass the OSPRE exam. I would highly recommend this product and fully intend to use it again in the future.

BB Sussex

I only used your software to study due to illness two weeks before test and I passed.  Questions were relevant and answer explanations for wrongs answers were clear and informative.  Couldn't rate this software high enough.