• Using your iPhone/iPad to answer questions

    Using your iPhone/iPad to answer questions

    Apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
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Apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Then take a look at our iPhone and iPod Touch Apps which will also work on the iPad - one is free and one is available for purchase:

  • Question of the Day - or QOTD as we like to call it - is free and gives you a random multiple-choice question every day
  • CSK for OSPRE, NIE and IPLDP allows you to answer questions on your iPhone or iPad and then synchronise your scores with the Computerised Study Kit software on your computer.

Using Android?

Go to look at our Android app

What people say...

Very easy to use. I found the whole experience of using the computer package excellent. It really helped me get a grasp of the question formats and the content.

DA. Cheshire