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    NPPF Step 2

    OSPRE Part 1 is now NPPF Step 2
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Until November 2014, OSPRE was the method by which the Police Service of England and Wales assessed officers who wish to be promoted to the ranks of Sergeant and Inspector. OSPRE (pronounced 'Osprey') stands for the Objective Structured Performance Related Examination. Since its inception in 1991 there were two parts to the OSPRE system:

OSPRE Part 1 was a multiple choice exam paper comprising 150 questions to be completed in 3 hours.

OSPRE Part 2 was an assessment of management potential. Initially this was by way of a 1½ hour role-playing assessment.


In November 2014 the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) was introduced where the OSPRE Part 1 exam was renamed as the NPPF Step 2 Legal Exam - it remains as a 3 hour, 150 multiple choice exam. OSPRE Part 2 has been replaced by a local selection process to identify the best candidates at the next rank. If successful, these candidates will be selected for temporary promotion and undergo a 12-month work-based assessment programme before any final promotion to the substantive rank.

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