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Over 300 questions and fully-explained answers for Special Constables

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Works on both Windows and Mac computers without needing a live internet connection. (Internet connection only required for installation and weekly updates).

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Answer all the questions on your iPhone, iPad or Android device using one of our Apps.

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Free weekly question updates. If you are not on the internet when it checks then it will keep on letting you use the software but will keep checking until you next have a connection.


Email, telephone support and access until 31st March 2019.

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Computerised Study Kit

Advance Training's Computerised Study Kit offers much more than just a large number of multiple choice questions, it actively uses the power of the computer to assist your learning and help you to pass your exams. Questions are allocated to subject areas and because the software remembers your answers it can build up a picture of your strengths and weaknesses which is then used to target your final revision as the exam approaches.

This is why the Computerised Study Kit has often been called "your personal tutor on a computer"

Now in our 23rd year, the Computerised Study Kit has been used quite literally by tens of thousands of police officers and more than half of all Police forces.  Our pass rate is consistently 2-3 times better than the national average and more than 95% of our personal users would recommend our software to a colleague.

Software for your phone or tablet

Please note that you cannot download our software onto a smart phone, tablet or Chromebook. Our software only works on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers - but don't forget our CSK Apps. If you complete the form you will be sent an email which will contain the link to download the software when you are next on your computer.

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What people say...

When I studied for the PC to Sgt exam I read the Blackstone's books. It was so dull, boring and was not effective study. This package was far more interesting and I scored 76%. I scored that (...)

CV, Metropolitan

Books for the start of your police career

As well the Blackstone's student handbook - the official learning material - there are a number of books that can help you as you start your police career.

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